The European Lung Health Group (ELHG) presented a new pan-European initiative to raise awareness about lung health at the European Respiratory Society International Congress 2023. 

With 1 in 8 deaths in the EU being caused by respiratory diseases that are manageable or preventable, the #KeepBreathing campaign highlights the importance of the lungs for the overall health condition.

#KeepBreathing, a lung health multistakeholder campaign 

The total cost of poor lung health in Europe is estimated at 611 billion EUR, a financial cost that is linked to a huge human burden. The joint #KeepBreathing campaign will be pivotal in the lung health community to call for increased European action to address lung health. 

Through #KeepBreathing, the nine organisations’ members of the ELHG will present European policymakers of the ways to tackle lung health prevention, respiratory care, research, and innovation.  

European Lung Health Group first in-person meeting 

On 10 September 2023, the nine ELHG members met in-person for the first time. Since its creation in 2020, the ELHG had been working online due to the risks and uncertainties brought by the pandemic. 

The meeting in Milan was a true celebration for the 15 delegates representing patients and healthcare professional. They discussed about crucial issues and opportunities for the lung health community, including the upcoming European Parliament elections of June 2024. During the meeting, the ELHG planned ahead on their priorities and the evolution of their federative campaign: #KeepBreathing.

#KeepBreathing, show your support!  

We all need to breathe. The average European will breathe in and out 20,000 times a day, showing the importance of lung health. 

During the ERS Congress, more than 25,000 participants had the opportunity to preview the campaign, meet with representatives of the European Lung Health Group and engage on social media (LinkedIn and Twitter).

The European Lung Health Group will soon launch its call for action asking European policymakers for investment in lung health prevention, better respiratory care, and increased research on lung health, setting the vision for future lung health policies. 

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